Michael Sandison and Marcus Eoin's cult electronic band, best known for the albums 'Music Has the Right To Children' and 'Geogaddi'. Michael Sandison and Marcus Eoin were both born in Scotland and have enjoyed underground acclaim for their work, some of their music has also featured in David Firth's 'Salad Fingers' animations.

They are currently releasing work through Warp Records.
by Pusher November 17, 2005
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An ambient techno band consisting of Mike Sandison and Marcus Eoin; they've released three albums in their existence: Music Has the Right To Children, Geogaddi, and The Campfire Headphase. Their third album was a significant departure from their previous styles.

They're known for their two-sided extensive library of songs - one side is corrupted, evil, and creepy-sounding, and the other side of their work is pretty relaxing and neat-sounding.
The band Boards of Canada has released some weird songs in their run as a band.
by NC1223 April 14, 2013
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