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One who talks for no reason other than to meet their daily word quota. A nonproductive speaker. One who is starving for attention and reaching for it with their tongue.

Etymology: The words stems from the contrast between a constructor,(one who hammers nails into boards in order to build something) and a boardnailer,(one who does not see the bigger picture, only thinks that hammering nails is in and of itself productive).

Steve - "My girlfriend is such a boardnailer. When I get home from work I just want to relax, but if Jen hasn't hammered her nails for the day I have to listen to the racket"
Marcus - "I feel you. Get her a girlfriend and a treadmill, that's what I did."

Simon - "It's weird, my wife can talk for an hour without saying a thing"
Jason - "So, you married a boardnailer. I'm sorry.."
by Ruhbee! December 29, 2007
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