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Someone who has very strongly held opinions of how things are done, and who has a loud and usually emotional reaction when they find that someone (themselves included) has done it wrong. Trying to convince this person that they're being way too intense about how tea/coffee should be made, or about what does and does not go in a dishwasher is like trying to unwrap a boa constrictor from the meal it is currently squeezing to death.
Could also be used to describe a person who was born with an awesome, but socially unfortunate level of concentration. These people wrap their minds around the conversation topic and, like the snake, squeeze it until their victim gives up.
Friend 1 moves towards the dishwasher with a wooden spoon in one hand and a saucepan in the other.
Friend 2 - "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?"

Friend 1 - ".....putting shit in the dishwasher..?"

Friend 2 - "That is WRONG. Wrong. Go wash it properly in the sink. Things that you cook with get washed..*mimes washing*...things that you eat with go in the dishwasher. Got it?"

Friend 1 - "God damn BOAMIND!..."

*insert long fruitless argument here*
by anthubc2010_boamind October 08, 2010
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