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Slovan slang for a small,fat and old woman.

Pozri na tu bandu Božien
Look at that group of Božena´s
by Mondik January 02, 2009
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Female name of slavic origin, a portmanteau of "Boh" meaning God and "žena" meaning woman, correctly written as Božena. Read it as you would Bo-zsh-ae-na, shortened to Bo-zsh-ka or Božka. It's a soft sounding name that needs to be learned to pronounce correctly as those accent marks that get stripped out in English version are not just for decoration.
The name is uncommon, but not rare and likely inherited in Slovakia and Czech Republic.
A woman to be treated with respect, much loved and missed by those who were close to her.
Baby girl: Ute-me-my-itku!!
Bozena: And what else? (Looking at her husband with love)
Baby girl: Nothing else.
by vbod June 10, 2018
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