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Easily one of the most prized silly bandz on the open trade market. Formally known as the "Blumpkin Turtle", but commonly referred to as the "Blurtle" on the streets. The wearer of the Blumpkin Turtle, sometimes foolishly mistaken for a plain old turtle, (which to the author's knowledge, does not exist) signifies one of three things:

1. The wearer has received a blumpkin.
2. The wearer has given a blumpkin.
3. The wearer wishes to receive a blumpkin.

The key thing to remember is that the wearer is proud of the Blurtle, and probably wants you to bring it up in conversation.
Hey, what do you say you and I go back to my place and earn you that Blurtle you're wearing??
by Master Blurtle August 12, 2010
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