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The Oxford English medical definition states: Blunt lung occurs when a person has been smoking blunts for a long period of their life. All of the blunts they have consumed begin to add up and create a persistent cough that can only go away if the user decides to stop smoking blunts, which is highly unlikely because blunts make the world go round.
Timmy: (cough) (cough)

Jimmy: Timmy are you okay? That cough doesn't sound too good.

Timmy: Yeah, I'm fine. I just have a case of blunt lung from all those fat ass blunts I burn.
by Timmy Naparsky July 06, 2013
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The state the lungs go into after coughing from a blunt. Once the inital hits have been taken and the lungs become used to the harsh smoke, they begin to harden up and become used to the blunt smoke.
Tyler- Man those first ones were intense but once my blunt lung activated I powered through 3 blunts.
by FreezyFreeze September 09, 2010
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