involving nudity, invoked by Bob in the episode The Deepening from Bob's Burgers
Gene"Oh My God! Linda Blair's boobs just popped out of her wetsuit!"
Lynda "oh they're coming at you!"
Bob"Huh, this movie's a little bluer than I remember"
by Dandy Dan the Candy Man February 9, 2016
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Code word for African American. Derived from term "black and blue." Useful in covertly referring to people in open conversation.
"Looks like two bluers coming in. Lock the safe."
by Pete S. August 15, 2007
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A Person In Which Lives In Yarmouth Maine. Is REALLY Funny and REALLY Nice!
by Bluer October 5, 2004
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A loosely organized network of Democrat voters, politicians and media personalities who conspire to suppress the term "Blue Anon."
Urban Dictionary has gone full Bluer Anon.
by Buffmeister March 8, 2021
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This is a strong emotion when you feel truly happy and calm but also afraid of what might happen in the future.( cus the sky changes fast from blue to gray)
X: I feel bluer than the sky!
Y: Tf do you mean?!
by Claraaa April 25, 2021
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