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BlueGene/L is a next-generation massively-parallel computing system designed for research and development in computational science. BlueGene/L is targeted at delivering hundreds of teraflops to selected applications of interest to the Advanced Simulation and Computing Program (ASC). It is an extremely high compute-density system with very attractive cost performance and relatively modest power and cooling requirements.
BlueGene/L is Number 1 on the TOP500 list of supercomputers. It has doubled in size since it first achieved this distinction in November 2004 and has now attained a Linpack performance of 136.8 TFlop/s.

BlueGene/L will be doubled in size once again before the next version of the TOP500 list is published in November 2005. This next doubling in size will bring BlueGene/L to its planned final configuration with 65,536 dual-processor compute nodes for a theoretical peak computing capability in excess of 360 teraflops.
by David Albert White August 18, 2005
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The gene that, when active within the human genome, causes an individual to exhibit the characteristic of blueness. This gene is known for its unique, maroon colour. Although some would figure this gene to be the colour blue, they are incorrectly thinking of jeans, which when placed in the human genome cause the individual to behave maroon.

The above is, of course, complete bullshit.

The gene is found in between the genes for Judaism and metrosexuality; an individual who possesses the dominant alelles of all three is called a "new blue jew".
Blue Gene is also the name of the computer that secretly rules over Canuckstan with an iron fist. Which is odd, because the computer fails to have an iron fist, but instead uses a more modern platnium fist. It will likely destroy us all.
by kodiac1 July 06, 2006
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