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The strongest fucking weed on the face of the planet, its famously strong. Just by inhaling second hand smoke it will knock you out.
The strain was invented by a botanist from Harvard named Gustavo Esparza in the late 80's, he died on march 26, 1995. The evil strain of weed lives on, although there are many imitators out there who just steal the name. You will know when you get the real Blueberry Knightmare
RAUL:Yo! yesterday the party was poppen at 2 a.m. the Dj was Cuttin up Tracks, The Music was Bumpin, people were dancing and grinding on each other, but then this gangster fool named "Casual" walked in smoking on a fat spliff of the infamous BLUEBERRY KNIGHTMARE...
the second hand smoke put everyone to sleep, everybody was on cloud 9

Cuban Pete: wasnt "Casual" the only one smoking it??? i dont know how he could even handle it!!!

Raul: I bet he has a higher tolerance to weed then snoop dogg

Cuban Pete: "Casual" is my hero and role model

Raul: hahaha everyone else in the party got knocked out just by the after smoke

Cuban Pete: God bless Gustavo Esparza the inventor!!!
by FishyFish2007 January 24, 2010
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