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In the TCG Magic the Gathering, Blue magic is considered the sneaky and subtle type of magic. Using only ones intelligence and wit as weapons, Blue mages are considered to be (to outsiders) Big headed, egotistical, fuckwits, whose only desire is to make everyone else life as infuriating as humanly possible. To 'Blue mage something up' is to take a very normal situation, and apply FAR too much thought and planning into it, until only you can possible understand what is going on, or better still, everyone else is aware f what is going on, but is powerless to stop it. This can often mean you are the most hated person in your present company, all the while knowing quite comfortablebly that you are in complete control.
Person 1: I've had enough of this crap, I'm leaving
Blue Mage: No, you're not
Person 1: Yes I am
Blue Mage: No, you are not. Whilst I regocnise your anger, and I must say it amuses me slightly, you are however, in a particularly vunerable position. You are unarmed. You are lost. You have no-one to ask for directions. You are not even sure where you are supposed to be going. While you may THINK that leaving is the best plan, I can assure you that it is possibly the worst plan concieved since Joss Whedon said "Hey Guys, I have a GREAT idea for Angel season 5!"
Person 1: I hate you blue mage
Blue Mage: Whatever for? I was merely stating the blindingly obvious.

In this situation, Blue mage CLEARLY Blue Maged it up, but was he really in the wrong?

Another example:

Person 1: A door. Come on Blue mage, we need to get through here.
Blue mage: Aha! A door bars our path! Not to be detered however, I know the correct summoning spell required to the Goddess of the True Path, removing this obstcle from our way! Stand back friend, for I shall begin the incantation.
Person 1: Or we could just open it?
Blue mage: NAY! How can you be sure it is safe? Who knows what manner of traps and surprises lay beyond. No. I shall summon the Goddess, then she shall guide us true!
*Summons the Goddess of the True Path. The Goddess brings her full divinity to wrath, smiting the door where it stands. The Door, now a mere FRAGMENT of what it once was, lies shattered and smoldering.*
Person 1: Blue mage, this is my house, I KNOW what was behind it! I have a KEY!
Blue mage: But I did not know what was behind it. So I assumed that the door was an ill-concieved attempt on my life, and took the appropriate action under the circumstances. Its quite clear to see. Fool!
Person 1: I hate you.
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