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The blue Lego-esque block shown in stead of Adobe Flash content when visiting a website in Apple's Mobile Safari browser. It has come to symbolize one of the greatest criticisms leveled against an otherwise highly regarded mobile browser capable of rendering most web content true to form. The debate over Flash's omission has swelled up once again with the introduction of the iPad which also utilizes Mobile Safari sans Flash support, albeit on far more capable hardware. While Apple claims to provide the "entire internet in the palm of your hand" their detractors are quick to remind the world that the "entire internet" includes quite a bit of Flash.
Person: OMG, click this link to check out a hilarious clip on Hulu from last nights Family Guy.
iPhone User: Uhhh, when I get home...
Person: Wait... just use your iPhone, lets watch it now!
iPhone User: Well, I tried..
Person: And....
iPhone User: Blue Lego Block of Ambiguity, I don't want to talk about it
by tokyotapes January 29, 2010
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