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The sexual act that involves one man and two women. It usually starts with both women laying on top of eachother, face to face. The man then proceeds to asphyxiate both woman while they pleasure eachother using common household items, including but not limited to: carrots, ballpoint pens, plungers, water bottles, rolled up news papers and (for the true pioneers) soda cans. This continues untill one of the women black out. when one of the woman eventually blacks out, the man then proceeds to heave his erected penis into the unconcious womans mouth untill she turnes blue thus resulting in the name. in the unlikely situation that both women black out at the same time, giving the man no time to releace them, resulting in two unconcious woman and only one penis the, man might improvise and use his testicles as well. this sexual act has an 80% mortality rate according to porn star Ben Dover. It is also illeagle in 45 of the 50 states
"Dude! I Blue Charlied my gilfriend and her sister last night, they both died,"


"Shees not going to let me Blue Charlie her untill the second date,"
by thecoolkid234 May 05, 2012
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