Blue salad n. is the result of dense and heavy deification turds into a porta potty without first layering the top of the water with toilet paper, in which the bluish water back splashes up and stains of this vile chilled liquid slather your taint and rosebud the color of blue shit water.

So the next person who go to toss your blue salad should mention this to you, bc most of you rocking a blue salad have no idea how their white panties, duh dunt tah-dahs or chonies
There’s no paper in the porta pots so try to avoid your blue salad by jumping up with the release of each skat
by Mudaeng March 2, 2020
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1. When a man jizzes on his hand and smears all over a woman's face before licking it all of amd spitting it into her vagina.
Brad: Hey I really like that chick, but she did something weird last night
Mark: What? She said you weren't ugly? Haha!
Brad: Fuck you dude. No. We were hanging out and she told me to give her a blue salad.
Mark. Fuck dude. You gotta keep her. She a freak.
by blue salad January 27, 2019
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When you eat out an inbred or a family member with a yeast infection
Chloe pollan gave her mom a hot Montana blue cheese salad
by Kohpissyboi September 2, 2023
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