The female equivalent to Blue Balls.

Blue Vulva happens when the female is sexually excited for an extended period of time without climax. Normally going away on its own it can cause discomfort or even pain prior to dissapating. One can also release the pressure by climaxing / having an orgasm.

The blood vessels of the genitals swell upon sexual excitement; prolonged excitement without corresponding release causing the condition. The "trapped" blood may cause the genitals to take on a darker hue.
After a full day of the Thunder from Down Under, strip clubs, and a sensual massage, Bullah had been aroused for nearly 18 hours and ended up with Blue Vulva.
by UDJohnnyO August 9, 2011
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Having a man who can satisfy your sexual needs and doesn’t know how to take hints or verbal/ physical cues. Therefore. A woman isn’t ever satisfied enough to get an orgasm worth the effort of trying to sexually attempt to get off.. get new man..
She had blue vulva for 3 years.. she eventually moved on and found someone who could understand her needs to get a nut.
by Crazyleolove May 11, 2023
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