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they are talking about Grey Goose Vodka due to the familiar blue lable on the top.
by trophy wife March 13, 2009
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Slang for Burnette's Vodka. One of the cheapest vodkas almost guaranteed to have you completely smashed and also give you the rot-gut. Can be easily distinguised from a distance or poking out the top of a brown bag by its dark blue top.
Me - "What you gettin from the liquor store man."

Him - "Some Blue top."

Me - "Oooo I don't think I'm ready for all that."

Him - "Hell yeah Imma be rurnt tonight!!"
by MemphisP July 22, 2010
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A twat or a person with no real friends who drinks alot of milk and gets alot of people pregnant and likes to talk about condoms.
Pally:Youre A Bluetop

Tasha:F**K OFF!
by Ragoo November 21, 2006
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