Blue Molly is Blue MDEA (Blue 3,4-MethyleneDioxyEthylAmphetamine). It's part of the MDxx family of chemicals. It's made by reductive amination of MDP2P (3,4-MethyleneDioxyPhenyl-2-Propanone) with ethylamine using a non-toxic Aluminum Galinstan amalgam. The dose range is 100mg to 200mg. Blue MDEA makes you dance to music, love people, share secrets, and is sedating and relaxing. The sedating part is what's responsible for rumors of heroin laced ecstasy. So sometimes people take some Blue Speed along with the Blue Molly. Sometimes Blue Molly is Blue MDMA.
Fernando: I tried 120mg of MDEA and I was rolling. This Blue Molly is great!
by CognitiveFuel November 3, 2022
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The time period after the effects of Molly (MDMA) wear off and you feel more withdrawn and somewhat depressed. Usually occurs after large amounts of Molly are taken with equally large amounts of alcohol.
(Guy 1) Hey man, what's with you today
(Guy 2) I got super fucked up on Molly this weekend and I've got those Molly blues
(Guy 1) Shit dude that sucks...was it worth it though
(Guy 2) Fuck yes!!!
by SuperMariooo November 5, 2013
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