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The bottled sense of delusion one gets from sleep deprivation. A very potent drug that is new on the market.
Guy 1: Man I was on blue mango last night. I was fucked up man. I kept on seeing green goats trying to smell the mountains.

Guy 2: I was on blue mango and I saw a unicorn jumping a double rainbow.

Guy 1: Dudddeee!!! That was good night!!
by Ma Mama January 28, 2011
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Man, that guy that tried to argue while knowing nothing about what he was talking about really pulled a bluemango...
by GranDream February 03, 2005
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Code word for any Club or Bar that a group of married guys go to to escape their nagging wives.
Man 1: "Hay, my wive is fucking annoying me right now with the yard; I told her I'd do it this weekend!"

Man 2: "Well, you want to hit the Blue Mango? The guy down the street from me is going to see his other wife there tonight. We can meet up with him."

Man 1: "Fuck, that sounds great; I need the shake a pair of peaches."
by stumpy88695 June 10, 2010
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