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The name given to the sexual position invented by Vamprii and Vampriies

Required is a man with blue balls, and a female gymnast.

The man stands behind the female gymnast, bending her over as far as she can go as to make the ridges on her spine look like a stegosaurus's back. As the man penetrates the female gymnast from behind, she bends over so much that she sucks on the mans balls.
Dude, i met this Russian gymnast last night... She was so flexible we did the Blue Dinosaur.
by Vamprii October 28, 2009
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People who believe in blue dinosaurs are unsuperior and historically incorrect. They can often be referred to as a 'fake fan' and play monopoly wrong as they do not play with free parking monopoly rule.
People who say they believe in the blue dinosaur have rubbish common and marvel knowledge.
person 1 'Jasmine told me she believes in blue dinosaur'
person 2 'whoah! thats the biggest lie of 2019'
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by superior1738 January 08, 2019
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