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The vaginal equivalent of blue balls. When a person with a clitoris and a vagina gets turned on and bulbs of vestibule (also know as clitoral bulbs) become engorged with blood. When the blood does not return to the circulatory system, it can cause discomfort and a tense feeling in the vagina.
Riley: He didn't make you cum last night?
Sammy: No! Ugh, I've had total blue bulbs all day today. My pussy is in so much pain!
by BlueBulbs October 08, 2019
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A term, describing the immensely uncomfortable pressure in or around the nasal cavity when a sneeze cannot be fully completed after being initiated.
When I walked outside I felt the need to sneeze, but a rabbit caught my attention, interrupted my sneeze, and gave me blue bulbs!
by Shammysays November 16, 2014
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