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Blue Borough is slang for the London Borough Of Lewisham, South East London, England.

This area is very poor and revolves around gang violence, Its is home to many gangs including: 124 (North Downham), Anti-Shower, Catford Wildcats, Anti-Shower, Block 6, Black Mafia, Brockley Mandem, Younger Brockley Mandem, Team Brockley, Turnham Gang, Turnham Young Bucks, Brocktown, Deptford Boys, Young Deptford Boys, Deptford Marlies, Young Deptford Marlies, Ghetto Boys, Young Ghetto Boys, Hells Hustlerz, Monson Bloodset, Younger Monson Bloodset, Pepy's Gang Bangers, Shower, Young Shower, Southern Shower Syndicate, Strally Gang / Shankers & Gunners, Sydenham Mandem, Sydenham Young Dons, Hood Bangerz, The Money Makers, Young Money Makers.

This is why Blue Borough is named 'least peaceful' place in the UK and 'most violent' place to live in the country plagued by youth knife crime, murder and public disorder!
Did you hear the news Blue Borough was named the most unsafe place in the country!
by Sure Definitions March 09, 2015
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Blue Borough is slang for the 'London Borough of Lewisham' in South East London.

Lewisham is called 'Blue Borough' because:

The logo for Lewisham is blue.

The dustbins are blue.

The street signs are blue.

Areas in blue borough are:

Downham, Grove Park, New Cross, Brockley, Lee, Sydenham, Lewisham, Forest hill, Hither Green, Ladywell, Blackheath, Deptford, Catford, Bellingham.

Blue Borough is home to several gangs, inclding Ghetto Boys, Anti Shower,Deptford Boys, Young Deptford Boys, Hood Bangerz, Deptford Marliez, Young Deptford Marliez, Team Brockley, Turnham Gang, The Money Makers, Young Money Makers, Black Mafia, Monson Bloodset.

Blue Borough is home to notorious housing estates:

Woodpecker/Milton Court Estates, and many more.

Blue Borough postcodes include:

SE8, SE23, SE12, SE6, SE26, SE14, SE4 AND A BIT OF SE3
A: I'm from Catford.

B: That is Blue Borough innit?

A: Yes it is.
by DaDon1234 December 29, 2009
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