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The action of when a first-time toker cannot hold in his first hit of dank, and soon after coughs so violently/recklessly that they spill the bowl.
Me: "Alright man, the number one rule to chiefing is to not, under any circumstances, spill the bowl"


Him: <small-inhale> *coughing*"holy shit dude, it burns"

Me: "The number one rule, what was it?"

Him: "Sorry bro, I'm not good at this."

Me: "It's common-fucking-sense, don't cough on other people's shit. If I asked you to hold my cupcake while I tied my shoe, and you had to cough, would you cough on my cupcake?"

Him: "No, I'd hold it away from my face and cough."

Me: "Well there you go, how about you do that instead of blowing the sprinkles off the cupcake!"
by Bigmanswole March 22, 2010
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