Originating on Tumblr, the term 'blorbo' refers to a person's favorite or beloved character from any piece of fandom media. Can be synonymous with scrunkly, scrimblo, or eeby deeby.
Daughter: "Oh my god, the blorbos from my show are having such a bad time."
Mother: "Sweetie, I have NO idea what that means."
by jar_of_rocks April 27, 2022
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Otherwise known as "Blorbo from my shows" is tumblr slang for your favourite character, along othef terms like scrimblo bimblo, eeby deeby, skrunkly etc.
Oh my God have you watched supernatural yet??? Dean is SO my Blorbo 💕
by Televisiophobic February 26, 2022
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He's from my shows
@thelustiestargonianmaid: Bitches will be like 'prev tags omg' on my post and I check the prev tags and it's like 'blorbo from my shows.'
by Castiel Wambsgans January 11, 2022
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favorite character in a show, a term used on tumblr
my blorbo is asuka from nge!
by thereallvrb0y March 6, 2022
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from my shows
jeremy: omg its just like blorbo
neil: what
jeremy: blorbo! from my shows!!
neil: what the fuck are you talking about
by pissbady January 14, 2022
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A character that you really like, that nobody else in the conversation is likely to give a shit about. Originates from Tumblr and the phenomenon of people tagging unrelated posts with characters that seem like they would make the post, or something similar. More specifically it may be a favorite character from a show.
person a: yo this is just like when uzaki-chan (<--- this the blorbo) took that one fat shit

person b: who
by gidgsyuchsdet April 25, 2022
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