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A song on the album "In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3" by Coheed and Cambria.
From the POV of Claudio & Jesse.

Ambellina directed Claudio to meet with his 'uncle', Jesse, the man he saw in his visions and who is in charge of man's side of the Man and Prise's pact (Man watches the Mages, the Prise watches for God). The "faint white figures" are the visions that Claudio's having, and he's still somewhat confused. I'm guessing Ambellina couldn't explain to Claudio everything that went into the IRO-Bots, but Jesse would be better able to explain it all. The lyrics go back and forth between Jesse and Claudio (the song isn't just from one point of view, "I," in one case could be Claudio, and in another, Jesse. Also, the "sub-lyrics" aren't all Claudio, or all Jesse). The point of view switches back and forth with the main lyrics and the sub ones. Claudio doesn't want to accept what's become his destiny, he is the reluctant hero. Jesse tells him he doesn't need to follow through, that everything could end. Claudio's question to Jesse is similar to this (we're talking about the one where Jesse replies "When the answer that you want is in the question that you state, come what may"). I'm guessing Jesse says to Claudio that he can't tell him everything (a child in keeping secrets from). The "so destined I am to walk among the dark" must mean that Claudio can't just wander freely anymore as if his identity is revealed, he'll be sought for by Mayo and Wilhelm, so everything has to be done in secret or under a sort of alias. The song ends with Claudio basically wishing he never had to deal with this responsibility.
Blood Red Summer is the sixth track on IKSSE:3
by Katy H April 03, 2007
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