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The scientific phenomena where a woman, due to her menstrual cycle, is in a heightened state of anger and/or sexual arousal. She is prone to hunt down mating partners, or attack her committed partner at a higher rate of incident/frequency than normal times. She also is prone to laying someone out in an argument and/or acting in an irrational state, due to her hormonal condition.

There is no cure for "blood crazy", but scientists are working around the clock to figure out its foundations, so as to create some sort of mitigating substance.
"My girlfriend gets really blood crazy when she's on the rag. It's like everything I do violates universal logic."

"Dear God woman...are you blood crazy? You're chasing after anything with a penis?"

"She's so blood crazy, I could say 'Hello' and she'd tell me to go to fuck myself."
by MrControversy December 03, 2011
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