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A blonde is told a joke...there is a delay in their reaction of understanding of the joke...followed by loud laughter....

In fact this includes any and all subjects/topics that is being discussed where there is a delayed reaction...or understanding.

Blondie was told a joke she did not understand whilst others around her laughed loudly. Obvious to everyone, Blondie had experienced Blondelay.
by KDC for KJ January 02, 2008
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A moral belief or judgement that is made by an individual based on a perceived acceptable social behavior, usually associated with gays and blondes. Though the individual makes the judgement to his or her friends, it may take up to two years for their actions to catch with their words.

Origins: North Carolina, Washington D.C.
Reference: Paris is Burning, "Reading"
When a girl states that she is completely faithful to her significant other, but is actually sleeping around. She or he is giving me a Blondelay.
by PPJ March 14, 2010
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