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A holiday where big lols or 'blols' are the main priority. Will usually involve a group of socially elite and handsome men who spend their time boozing, womanising and generally looking for lols at every opportunity. Suggested age range 20-28.
Lad 1: "Alright lads where are we going this year?"
Lad 2: "How about Ibiza"
Lad 1: "Nah, not enough blols, I reckon eastern Europe where we can ball hard on a bloliday"
by L-A-D Positive May 03, 2013
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pronounced bla - lee - day

A rest period for a frustrated blogger to review their intelligence and computer abilities. This can be anywhere from a day to week, at which time the blogger refuses to even attempt to log into their blog for inner fear of the log-in space rejecting their attempt and shaking back and forth in a more than irritating manner causing the blogger to roar out in anger and bang their laptop on the desk surface is a dangerous manner.
1. I am taking a week bloliday from writing, no inspiration today.
2. She must be on a bloliday, hasn't posted for ages.
3. Thanks for reading folks, my next post will be in 4 weeks, going on a short bloliday.
4. I really need a bloliday, forgot my password, can't even remember my password to log-in I am so overworked!
by barbwhite January 21, 2011
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