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1) a very cool and funny dude, who is half Bloke & half Joker - a BLOKER.

Bloke - a popular English term for a very cool Dude. Such as a 'Goodfella', one of the guys and a great drinking pal.

Joker - a funny-ass motherfucker, who is typically roguish in behavior.
That Bloker was the coolest and funniest dude at that rocking party. He completey 'owned it'. Everybody loved him! He was a Rock Star...

Examples - David Beckham, Chris Serafini, Johhny Depp, Jack Black, Joe Namath, Ron Kunze, Jack White, Keith Richards, Steve McQueen, Ernest Hemingway, Tim Lincecum, Marlon Brando, Frank Sinatra, Jake Plummer, etc.
by S+KRoyale November 12, 2010
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