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Blog Photo Smearing is when one web site steals a photo from another and then ruins the photo by putting their web address all over the image. Since the Smearing web site never took the original photo, nor did they pay for it; they have no ownership rights over the photo. But by smearing the photo with their web address; they then make it seem like they were the first ones to post the image online. The biggest problem with smearing is that many people use these photos to make custom Wallpaper for Computers and Cell Phones. So when several different web sites steal the same photo and smear it, that photo is then made useless for Wallpaper. The second biggest problem with this is each web site resizes the photo to fit their own personal needs. This then causes quality issues, because each site is showing a different Scaled-Up or Scaled-Down version of the same photo. Even worse, some Celebrity bloggers like Perez Hilton steal photos and then smear them with completely unfunny and completely useless comments. Making Wallpaper creation impossible. Examples of this can be seen by visiting any of the Celebrity Image Blog web sites.
How the F**K can I make custom Wallpaper when every waste-of-space blogger keeps Blog Photo Smearing the same pictures?! Some of these stupid sites even smear their web address several times over the entire picture! It's not theirs to begin with; so tagging it as theirs doesn't actually make it belong to them!! And dumb ass Perez Hilton's stupid comments aren't even funny! He ruined a photo of Pamela Anderson by drawling a little guy saying "Help" between her boobs. Wow! Real creative!! I wish I could be that cleaver!! So there is one hundred sites; all sharing the same photo; but each tagging it as their own! F**KING pointless!! Thanks Jack Ass's!!!
by the2ndflood August 04, 2008
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