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Whether a professional or amature; a Blog Brad Pitt or BBP is a person that is themselves very ugly, but chooses to point out any and all flaws in other people. An example of a BBP is Perez Hilton; who is a celebrity blogger that writes unfunny comments over celebrity photos. Perez himself is extremely ugly, but he blogs about the flaws; even minor flaws, of celebrities. He will point out the smallest of wrinkles or pockets of body fat, which just furthers the impossible standard of beauty that both men and women are forced to deal with on a daily basis. So a Blog Brad Pitt makes foolish, inconsiderate comments about someone else's looks, when they have nowhere near a Brad Pitt-Type model look. Most, if not all of these comments are made over the Internet through Blogs and Forums; where a person can bash someone else from safely behind a computer screen.
(Man 1) Holy crap man did you see those bikini photos of Mandy Moore?! (Man 2) F**K Yeah! She looked thick! But that stupid Blog Brad Pitt said she looked fat! (Man 1) Fat? what? Because she's not 82 pounds?! (Man 2) Yeah but you should have seen the blogger. The guy was 400 pounds with a total Meth Face!! He must not have a mirror.
by the2ndflood July 28, 2008
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