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A term used to described ones depressive/demoralized feelings in a way that won't result in a "deep and meaningful" conversation, stealthily avoiding ridicule from fellow peer members, whilst simultaneously imposing their prejudiced opinions of those in actual need of help by satirizing demoralized stereotypical behavior.

Or at least that's the general idea

Best used with the term "sad face goes Blip Blip Blip!" prior to inflicting an act of utmost pitiful nature, such as dancing around in circles wearing a paper bag over ones head.
Guy1: Hey, I heard that Johnny's been acting weird lately

Johnny: Blip blip blip!

Guy2: Yea, his girlfriend broke up with him because he kept dancing around in circles with a paper bag on his head

Guy1: Well at least he's not slashing his wrists like any other stereotypical teenager

Guy2: Lets go shopping!

Guy1: Blip blip blip...
by Admu August 13, 2009
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