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A unique collectible designer credit or debit card cover. The Bling Sling covers the back side of any standard plastic card such as; credit and debit cards, gift cards, VIP cards even driver's licenses. It provides protection from the stripe being damaged or your signature wearing off. It stays on the card, your "Bling", while it's being swiped, as the Bling Sling folds back to expose the stripe. The front provides the "Bling" with cool full color graphics under a clear domed coating. It magnifies the graphic giving it a powerful 3D effect.

For businesses, the Bling Sling is the most powerful marketing tool on earth. With their logo on the front, it is the most visible and personal interaction with new clients available today!
I just bought the Bling Sling with the leopard print cover, it's so cool!
by CalgaryDoll February 05, 2009
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