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When a person goes out for a quick drink with a friend and the next thing he knows his one drink turns into five and he ends up completely intoxicated and laid out on a barstool. Typically leads to an unexpected late night despite having numerous early morning engagements.
Bill: Hey Dude, what the hell happened to you last night...I didn't even know you were coming out!?

Brandon: Me neither, just thought i would meet up with Hayden for a quick thing I know I am totally wasted in the corner with a lampshade over my head! Damn...I havent been that Blindsided Drunk for years!

Bill: Hope you didn't have a Court appearance this morning?

Brandon: Actually I did...I have never showed up for Court that intoxicated and/or hungover.....but my shit still prevailed!
by for real2 August 12, 2011
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