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A long range shot in Call of Duty: United offensive (Base Assult) usally across a map from a tank or Flak 88 in effort to cover a plant in a base, kill another 88, spawn kill, or open an enemy base. This name is from |CZ|zBlimp who knows mostly all of these types of shots.
Example 1
|CZ|SMOKE: How the hell are they hitting our 3??
|CZ|N@cho: Thats a Blimp Shot

Example 2
|CZ|Trooper: They are opening our 1
|CZ|BAMA: Yep, zBlimp is on the 88 again
by |CZ| Dr. Nick June 16, 2008
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The act in which a male fills up a females mouth with semen. When full, her cheeks will resemble a blimp. At this time the male will slap her cheeks, causing the semen to spray forcefully.
Your mom's boobs were a mess after I 'blimp shot' her.
by BlimpieBalls January 02, 2010
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