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A brown, water soluble powder. Said to be edible, Blend 43 is form of instant coffee. A common misconception is that Blend 43 contains caffeine as one will experience a small 'hit' as the substance is consumed. This is actually not true as it is the acrid taste which will wake the unfortunate person from their stupor. CAUTION: People with taste buds or weak hearts are advised to stay clear of this substance.
Jim: Hey, here is the coffee, 2 sugars right?

Han: Thanks bro, yeah that's good. {proceeds to drink coffee}

Han: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh WTF is this shi...{convulses on floor}

Jim: Blend 43. Are you ok? OMG. Call 911 now!
by Bogahn by Armani May 14, 2012
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Sewage water masquerading as instant coffee but some people find it alright.
Person A: Want me to make you some instant coffee?

Person B: Is that blend 43? No thanks, it's indistinguishable from sewage water.

Person A: It tastes alright. To each his own, I guess.
by no1zhere May 26, 2018
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