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An act of bleeding out all your hate, anger, fear, loneliness, jealously, confusion and other negative forms of energy. Bleeding Nightmare is accomplished during your sleep. After falling asleep, 100% of these negative forms of energy disperse and float in the darkness of your room. Your body will have a chance to partially recover from the tragedy of life. These floating evil energy will watch your body recover in the night. 2/5 of the negativity will be release from your body and never return. The moment you open your eyes, roughly 3/5 (floating in your room) of the remaining negative energy return back to your spiritual component. Hence, these evil energy will strike your heart to remind you that reality wants your absolute attention thus giving you no time to love. The universe is an irrational place because we human constantly polluting the universe with roughly 2/5 of our dark energy (daily). Dreaming is reality while "true" reality is a nightmare. The only way of bleeding out all your nightmare is to die in your sleep and never have to face reality ever again.
**At OSU-OKC**
David: I failed my Chemistry, Macroeconomic, Philosophy, and Spanish class. I'm going to sleep.
GDL: Why?
David: I'm going to cause a bleeding nightmare.
GDL: David, you are a successful failure. You work at five down stairs today by the way.
David: I'll bleed as much as possible.

by BenchMax345 February 20, 2008
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