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A frequenter to baseball games who chooses to sit in the cheap seats, ones without backrests. The phrase is most recognizable with fans of the Chicago Cubs. These fans are arguably considered to be the loudest, rowdiest, and most obnoxious fans in organized baseball. It is not uncommon for a bleacher bum to yell and curse at opposing team's outfielders, perhaps even throwing them a beer shower when the opportunity presents itself. The male bleacher bums tend to not wear shirts, even if the temperatures are highly unfavorable. Female bleacher bums are naturally encouraged to take their shirts off by their male counterparts, all for the love of the game...
The Bleacher Bums were out in full-force today at Wrigley Field, several getting ejected when they realized no more beer was being served after the 7th inning.
by Lefty2ndbaseman May 23, 2007
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