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This condition struck the UK in 1982. It is believed that the 'Blatant Nazi Plague' (BNP) was brought on by the prolonged seasons of the 'Nazi Flu' (NF) from the previous years.

Nazi Flu originally came from a strain of an American virus called Kunt Kuntty Kunt. (KKK) (Come from the Cherokee word for CUNT).

Symptoms; The compulsion to wear 'Jack boots', tight jeans or army fatigues with braces, bomber jackets and white T-shirts. (NOT to be confused with Punks)

Full loss of hair.
Sporadic raising of one arm accompanied by racial tourettes.

Violent out bursts also known as a 'Pakibash' or 'Queerbash'.

Unquenchable thirst normally treated with Skol lager, Newcastle Brown or Kestrel Super strength.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) have stated that they have identified a mutation of the (BNP) virus, they have called this mutation 'Erectile Dysfunction Louts'(EDL) WHO found that this mutation is mainly found in white males with male relatives who have suffered with either or a combination of both NF and/or BNP.
Oh dear Raj, the skin headed men approaching us seem to be suffering from 'Blatant Nazi Plague. (BNP)' I do hope we don't catch 'Blatant Nazi Plague. (BNP)' from them!
by Alexander P Jones December 03, 2010
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