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A woman who desires to persevere and focus on the positive outcome no matter what negativity is set in front her.

A woman who has been through struggles in life from abusing drugs, alcohol,sex and/or co-dependency. Realized the problem and changed through rehab and/or spiritual guidance. Now is focused on being someone better in life by starting her own business to help people in the same struggles and giving back a percentage back to his community. And stands out because its not what society and everyone else is doing, but by doing what she feels is right. And does this by being brave and standing up for what she believes.

this woman was Blasphamiss; Because she has been through the hardest struggles and/or easiest struggles and even though she has been through bad things she has realized how to do better and is now using everything she has done wrong, and is now using it to help other people through her business.
by JohnRay March 04, 2008
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