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a Blankenhorny argument is an argument with no rational basis or with no RELIABLE bases at all, simply based on personal believe or hearsay or THE INTERNET and in 99% total crap.
"I just know that cows are descendants from mice! I've researched it and found it on the internet! there's the evidence, see"
--> "good god man, this argument is sooo Blankenhorny"
by HyperSpeziFisch January 27, 2010
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A Blankenhorny person is someone who thinks he's an expert on somethin though he has absolutely no reverences, has no research done on the topic other than surfing a little bit in the internet and talking to some people and now declares himself an expert and expects others to aknowledge his expertice.
a Blankenhorny person will just keep stating his believes as truth over and over again and when someone tries to proves him wron he'll just argue that he does not need to actually PROVE what he's saying, that it is just right and that other people have said likewise though he can't recall who, nor the exact wording nor any other evidence. but that the evidence is there and we just refuse to admit it.
nevertheless any contradicting evidence are just being dismissed as "I've never heard about such argument and it would surprise me if it really were true, which I believe it isn't"
the word Blankenhorny goes back to David Blankenhorn who was "expert" whitness in the Perry vs. Schwarzenegger trial whyle completely failing to show any expertice, having any reverences or to have done any proper review or any peer-reviewed research AT ALL.
"I know what I'm talking about. I've read a lot about it in the internet and elswhere and therefore I am an expert on this and any counter evidence you show is just crap because they too stated what I said in the internet and in TV and when they are allowed to show it on TV it must have been checked for being right. they know what they do and you don't"
--> "good god man, you are being such a Blankenhorn right now. (i.e. you are Blankenhorny)"
by HyperSpeziFisch January 27, 2010
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