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Blake Richardson (also known as Blake edward Richardson of Manchester) is the cutest bean you will ever lay eyes upon. He has the voice of a literal angel and looks like art. His dog posie is my idol and his sister is a queen, we also stan his mum cause she blessed us with him.

Here are some words you can use to describe this stud muffin:
1. UWu
2. Dad
3. God
4. Big uwu
5. Snack
6. The definition of perfect
7. Gycamole

8. Marry me please

9. Hot
10. Talented
11.huge uwu
Re teacher: what god do you worship?
Me: our lord and saviour Blake Richardson.
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by IG// blakesruel January 03, 2019
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1/3 of pop-rock trio New Hope Club born on the 2nd of October 1999.
probably the most attractive out of the three members. He's so cute and makes all the girls die.
His stage presence is incredible too!!
according to non-stans of the band, he's a wanna-be Harry Styles.

he has the literal voice of an angel and that guys fashion sense is THE SHIT.

his hair has also undergone alot of different phases but the best one was late 2017/early 2018 where it had grown out and gotten long.
to follow him on social media like his twitter and insta search 'NewHopeBlake' !
person; "who's your favourite member of New Hope Club?"
me; "that Blake Richardson. He's kinda cute"
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by kxgreen July 27, 2018
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