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Similar to the Rickrolled internet trick, where an unsuspecting websurfer is forced to watch a Rick Astley music video while on an internet forum, message board, etc. However, being Blackrolled involves the substitution of Rebecca Black's video "Friday" instead. Blackrolling is a much more trendy and powerful way to punk someone out and should be used sparingly.
I was browsing through some weird fetish porn when some asshole Blackrolled me. My boner was gone instantly.
by GK One March 22, 2011
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Blackrolled is to be presented the song "Friday" by Rebecca Black as it is of the worst things to ever be present to the world.

To become the next generation of Rick Rolled

(Youtube of Friday by Rebecca Black)
A very mean and rude friend sends you a youtube link to Rebecca Black's Friday.

You are at a party and everyone is dancing to some dubstep and then you ninja the next song to Rebecca Black's Friday...AKA BLACKROLLED! (Even better to do on a day that is not Friday)
by SevenSS March 25, 2011
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Similar to being Rickrolled, but the video that is linked is Rebecca Black's viral video Friday.
My buddy linked a video on Facebook for me to check out, but when I clicked on it Rebecca Black's Friday video popped up. I got Blackrolled.
by Joho14 April 02, 2011
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