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This is the process by which a Black person acknowledges another black person's presence in a social environment where black people are scarce or otherwise absent. These environments include places and events like: lacrosse parties, ice hockey games, early morning classes, Russia and The Ku Klux Clan Annual General Meeting.

Blacknowledgement is a show of solidarity and support indicating to another black person that you understand their social anxiety and feel their inner torment.
A blacknowledgement can be executed using anything from a simple nod to a well executed six part, click and snap, integrated handshake. In less friendly situations, a blacknowledgement may be used as a territorial gesture. It can be used to signal to another black person that you are the resident black person in that environment and that they should cower off and find non-black friends of their own.
by Africanlegend October 22, 2009
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