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Little Mexican preppy wanna be fucks in DELAWARE who are all in a "gang" claim to be a family but all have talked shit on each other all the time. They all think they get the bitches bunch of fucking coke heads always using the word "REAL TRAP" thinking they the shit bunch of young boys doing NOTHING
Person 1: why do they call themselves black angels? They're fucking brown!
Person 2: idk, BUT FUCK B.A
by B.A KiLLA August 26, 2011
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1. One who plays online games in a manner that instills both fear and respect into those he plays against and with.

2. The opposite of koz, meaning being so completely heterosexual that he/she can get away with pretending to be gay and still be thought of as straight.

3. teh ow4ge.
1. Wow, that son of a bitch was a real Black Angel, I wish I could be as 1337 as him.

2. Holy shit...Black Angel just rockzored the piss out of koz...and did it while pretending to be Justin Timberlake...

by Sean Fuoti November 27, 2006
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When somebody goes to a public restroom and fills the bowl with toilet paper. Then they drop a log that will not sink. Piss a bit of yellow around the turd creating a heavenly hews and leave floating for the next user.
After three cups of morning coffee I went to McDonalds and left a heavenly Black Angel.
by bigistH December 01, 2010
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