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A song made by John 5 that appears in Gutar Hero Warriors of Rock. This song puts Drangforce to shame. A side note to Dragon force is every song is the freakin' same. It is the hardest damn song since Through the Fire and Flames . It literally is impossible on expert uless you have no fail on or extra apendages or the ability to slow time or move at hyper speed or have Sonic the Hedgehog by your side pressing the buttons. It has an achievment called 'mutilator of hands'. This song may cause spasms, arthritus, insanity, death of arm and nerves. Even on beginner the song is hard and it gets harder still. I shockingly manged to five star the song but don't go 4 the sixth star cause... IT IS IMPOSSIBLE!!!!! Not even Chuck Norris couldn't do this song. He tried and failed then roundhouse kicked the TV, guitar, system, and John 5.
Jay:Why is James missing arm/
Jen:He played Black Widow of La Porte all night and killed his nerves and blood vesles in his arm and had to get it cut off.
Jay:I'm never playing that song again.
Jen:Now you're smart?
by BWofLP February 14, 2011
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