Black People Shit, often abbreviated as "B.P.S", refers to stereotypical activities, that are often of a criminal nature, committed by African Americans that non-black people become involved through random circumstances in that they have no experience of handling.

NOTE: If a non-African American willingly chooses to commit in said stereotypical activities that are often of a criminal nature with African Americans, it does not make it Black People Shit. Rather, it simply just makes it crime. Black People Shit is only used when the non-African American simply ends up in the situation.
*Driving around town with a car full of black people, one white guy in the car*

Black person: Oh, shit man, I gotta make a stop.
White guy: Cool, cool, no biggie.
Black person: Aight, sweet. Oh, by the way, can you hold this while I run inside of this house?
White guy: The fuck, is this a gun?!
Black person: Yeah, and I don't come out in ten minutes, come in blasting.
White guy: Man, Black People Shit.
by HenchyWorldPeace January 11, 2013
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