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The term given to someone who continually exaggerates their own experiences in order to "beat" any quality of your own story. Often interrupting your telling to become the centre of attention
The Black Cat Bastard would respond lie so;

1. If you have a black cat, theirs is Blacker, larger and more friendly/unfriendly depending on original statement.

2. You saw a panther in the wild? My mate breads panthers for the Queen!

3. You went to Tenerife? I went to Elevenerife!!
by Runick February 03, 2015
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An individual who claims to have done more, had better experiences, been to better places than you have. No matter what you have done he has done it too, only better.
You say "I've just been to Barbados on holiday for a week and stayed at the Almond beach"

Black Cat Bastard replies - "I've been to Barbados too for two weeks and stayed at Sandy Lane"
by CatonR July 08, 2009
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