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a women/girl whos of black ethnic group.pretty,independent,naughty(sometimes),&lives a glamourous life
by Maralis Theodore August 14, 2009
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A young Black Lady who is Classy and Sassy. she is a pretty young thang. she usually has big boobs. she is very I.N.D.E.P.E.N.D.E.N.T & always has her own sh**. a little high maintenance. she likes to be treated as a princess. She Has Confidence in herself. She is always a lady by day and prolly a freak at night. she is known for her shopping and spending habits and is always out on the town tryna have some fun. she loves pink and loud colors. She is down to party it up a little at times. this Barbie isnt one to be reckoned with she is a bad bitc* and she can handle her own. she is a wifey, ride or die type and she will protect and fight for the ones she loves. she is not easily. broken. always remember Black Barbies are Classy, Refined Boss Bitches
Now thats a Black Barbie.

I Love them black barbie types

You see that girl over there, she's a Black Barbie. you can tel by her classy ways.
by jt2095 April 24, 2012
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A black barbie is a woman who is tall, thin, large breast, small waist, who almost looks unreal, or too good to be true. The "main barbie" is Caucasian, with the same features, and in todays society most men view the beauty that barbie has to be long blond hair, big, breast, etc. So when a black women emulates this look, she looks like barbie sister, who is black; and who is sexy. Being called black barbie basically means a black girl who has a "Caucasian look" that is universal to most men.
Women who are often referred to as black barbie has had some sort of plastic surgery, breast implant. They could long hair and look really pretty that even though they are black for a split second they are reminisent of that of a white barbie.
by Toscac December 13, 2010
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