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Where one deduces a solution to a problem or mystery by taking one clue and bringing it to another in a long chain of paranoid connections until it leads to the conclusion. Named after the famous ''Anaconda Malt Liquor Conclusion Scene'' in Black Dynamite, where the titular character somehow realizes that Anaconda Malt liquor was the government's secret weapon after Bullhorn said "melt in your mouth", making several arbitrary connections until it led to the answer.
*Gasp* "Human being"? That word kind of sounds like "bean." Beans are legumes, "legumes" has the word "leg" in it. Ian's mom has really nice legs, and Ian's mom is so old she's practically dead, which can only mean one thing! Oh my Bieber! YOU'RE BECOMING A ZOMBIE!
--Anthony Padilla from Smosh using Black Dynamite Deduction to deduce that Ian Hecox is becoming a zombie
by The Logical Fallacy July 16, 2016
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