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Named for its devilishly black colour, a black devil is an alcoholic drink similar to a Jager-bomb, consisting of a glass of Bourbon and Coke, with a shot glass full of Jagermeister dropped into it immediately before sculling.
They made me do a Black Devil at the schoolies festival and I immediately lots my guts in the bushes... can't taste the Bourbon, my ass.
by skimmer 9 November 24, 2010
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Black devil is a racist slur towards Black people/Africans. It's also a racist concept institutionalized in religion that the devil is a evil Black angel and the good angels are white. Led to the name of a cake and the cake's color. Devil's foods cake is commonly Black chocolate.
Indigenous African religions are from a black devil, some African-Americans are mixing those heathen practices with Christianity. They said, "I hate black people, black devil"
by QKS1 April 10, 2019
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A black man or woman who helps to perpetuate racism against ones own race. Denigrates ones own race, lies to advance One’s own agenda while hurting another from the same race. Falsely stereotypes copper colored people who look just like them. Hates own skin. Does devilish works. Only goal is to be seen by others as better than.
A black devil is the worst devil of em all. Only a black devil would lie on his own people. She sent meek mill to jail because he wouldn’t put her on a record. Now that’s a black devil. His own family hates him. The black devil will call the cops on you for your dog barking.
by Mrdm1 December 23, 2017
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