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Blabble Blubbers (BB) are simpleton girls with a brain capacity of a fruit fly. They're your typical onomatomaniak's who constantly get hyped on defaming beautiful successful woman who have the world at their feet. Their child like seeking behavior is a result of their insecurities. Many of them join a pack of other jealous women who enjoy inhaling each other's stinky company. Blabble Blubbers are either brittle boned anorexics with the slightest touch can result in breaking their bones, furry skin and thinning hair, their food intake is equivalent to the size of their brain, sausage tits and bad breath. The other are the lazy blubber type. They eat big, they are big and they talk big. You can easily confuse them to a spare Michelin tyre, salty AF with a stinky Coochie with puss balls. BB are extremely jealous women who do not like to be around beautiful women because they make look like second class citizens.
Example 1:
Anorexic sourpuss:: 'Ewwww, look at her thick fuzzy hair, it looks like she hasn't combed it"
Beached whale: ' I know, her boobs are bigger than mine, I bet they're not real'
Waiter: 'She's absolutely hot, who is he'?
Anorexic sourpuss: 'She's ugly, she hasn't even got a big ass'
Waiter: 'STFU bitch, you should be the last to talk, your tits hang like grandads washed up cock'

Example 2
Sam: 'I went to a party last night and got so sloshed and horny, found myself dancing with a Michelin girl, next thing I knew she grabbed my face and stuck in her cooch so I can give her head, I vomited all over the place, she smelt like a Limburger, ewww, never again'

These are two examples of Blabber Blubbers (BB) at work.
by Popping Daddy April 22, 2018
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